At Team Loos in central Nebraska, our family believes that the reproduction and longevity of the sow herd is of first and foremost importance for building a successful pig business. We will continue to build a sow herd that is highly productive and produces a high percentage of salable pigs per litter.

With that said, that most common phrase we have heard in the past two years is, "Your hogs are one generation away from a great one." We are happy to produce reliable females that allow our customers to breed that great one and many more.

Here are the most recent Loos Ladies that have been through the show arena and are now working for other breeders:

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This CaBoose/Payphone power house female was purchased by Norman Bros and Sons at the 2017 STC. There is no question that they will produce a great one. We kept 3 littermate gilts in our herd.

This Loos Smoke Signal/Dropout daughter was purchased by Greg Hellebust of KS at the 2017 WPX. She is so very correct in her design and has huge maternal on her dam side.

dc0133 dc0226

This PayPhone/Dropout gilt purchased by Greg Sharber of OK at 2017 SWTC. It is not common that a buyer calls months later and to say, “This gilt is so good, I should send you more money.” The extra pay will certainly come when she hits a home run for Greg.

Here is a PayPhone/Premium Blend daughter that was purchased by CKL Spots of OK. The last gilt Bobby purchased from us went on to produce a gilt that was the top selling Spot gilt in breed history. There is no question that this one will leave the same type of mark in a tremendous Listen herd.



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