Trent is a sixth generation United States farmer with a passion for agriculture that started years ago – he had his first pig when he was just 5 years old on the family farm near Quincy, IL. He established his strong rural foundation in farming side-by-side with his father and grandfather. That strong connection between man and his God-given natural resources was the source for all of their farm management decisions. While Trent recalls walking soybeans with his two role models, his real fondness was for the animals. He and his father eventually built a swine seedstock business that supplied top-quality genetics to pork producers nationwide.

When anti-agricultural activists threatened the way of life he cherished, it was time to take a stand. Consumers, even individuals in other aspects of agriculture, were listening to and believing the lies being spread by celebrities and vegan zealots. Somebody needed to speak on behalf of the hard-working farmers and ranchers of America. Trent accepted the challenge.

In Spearfish, SD, Trent told radio personality Jim Thompson that he wanted to have his own radio show. Being a little more than determined, or perhaps a bit bull-headed, Loos Tales launched in January of 2001. Today, the show airs on over 100 stations nationwide and boasts 3 million listeners on-air and online. Sharing the message about the people and places in rural America is a step toward re-connecting consumers to their food. Trent has been doing this since long before it was the “cool, foodie” thing to it.

In 2008, Trent was recognized as the “Voice of Rural America” by the West Quest organization for his ground-breaking work in advocating for agriculture and speaking on behalf of the folks who would rather stay home and tend to their crops and livestock than take on those attacking their life-sustaining industry.

Trent and his wife Kelli enjoy life in central Nebraska with their three daughters. Cattle, hogs, horses and meat goats keep them plenty busy on the farm. The family is constantly on the go, sharing adventures in training and riding horses, youth sports, 4-H, archery and road trips. Some of their favorite memories are created around the fire pit with friends and family they’ve welcomed from far and wide.

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